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Artisan Landing Nets

It'll be your Mayne net.


From resident cutthroat, to ocean hardened steelhead.

We make nets that cover most fishing situations you could think of. Raw materials are selected for their strength and beauty, and are shaped with care into a net that will see you safely catch and release fish for years to come. 

Made in Powell River, BC


Below are our standard sizes, although all builds are fully customizable. I've designed our tear drop hoops with portability and practicality in mind. The width of opening allows for easier landing if a fish is still shaking its head, while maintaining enough depth to hold the fish safely once landed! 

Each net is handmade an unique so measurements may vary slightly.

The Resident

16" Hoop Length, 9" Hoop Width, 9" Long Handle.

The Estuary:

20" Hoop Length, 12" Hoop Width, 10" Long Handle.

The Sea-run

20" Hoop Length, 12" Hoop Width, 22" Long Handle.

The Optimist

24" Hoop Length,  14" Hoop Width, 12" Long Handle.

The Grand Optimist

24" Hoop Length, 14" Hoop Width, 30" Long Handle.

The Inlet

30" Hoop Length ,18" Hoop Width, 32" Long Handle

The Pacific

34" Hoop Length, 20" Hoop Width, 36" Long Handle.

(**28" Long handle is the largest Canada Post Can Ship for The Pacific**)


Made with Care

Each net is crafted with precision and the best materials we can source. We utilize high quality rubber net bags to ensure fish are released as safely as possible.

For a custom order, simply email

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